New Music:: Nex Millen/DistantStarr “Seekers Remixes”

Nex Millen/DistantStarr “Seekers Remixes” Download Here!!

The legend of the seekers is a story that has been told over the last 3 generations.

Some believers will tell you that the seekers are robotic aliens from a far off planet named Cybertron and they have the ability to transform into government owned F-16 fighter jets to disguise their identity and live among us, gathering and relaying information for a presumed hostile invasion.

And others will tell you that the seekers are a creation of DistantStarr “StarrSkream” to be use as a moniker for his self-produced musical projects on his Dizzy Arcadian Music Imprint.

But which ever story you choose to believe. There is still more than meets the eye.

Nex Millen/Distant Starr Seekers Remixes assembles the two tales into one giant of a 4 song EP.

DistantStarr’s razor sharp wit matched word for word by Nex Millen‘s unpredictably smooth production. Plus a cameo by buzzing Philly indie rap artist Buddy Leezle is added just to over do things. Did I forget to mention the visual opus for the song “The Stand Up” directed by SMD and the title track video for “Seekers” directed by DistantStarr and Arron D. Stallworth?

Whether robots in disguise or timeless Hip Hop music. All can hope that the legend of The Seekers is a story that will be talked about and listen to for generations to come.

released 02 May 2012
Original Album Version of “Seekers” Available @

Produced By:: Nex Millen for
Music Produced, Recorded and Mixed By:: Nex Millen and DistantStarr for NXDS_2012

Artwork By:: arok318
Layout Designed By;; Troy-Michael for

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