New Music:: Rus Jaymes “Devastating” Nuclear Soundclash Remix (Produced By Nex Millen)

A year ago almost to the day I released a single that I produced called Devastating by a artist named Rus Jaymes. After being well received on music blogs and media outlets. There was talk about a full length album, But Rus Jaymes disappeared from the public eye till now. With a new album fully recorded and produced by me affectionately called “RumbleFish” (Available 4/20/12) Rus Jaymes is back to finish the journey we started so long ago.

The first single off the album is a soundclash style remix of last years debut. Featuring Lawrence Arnell and Philly Indie Rap legend
Chief Kamachi.

The method behind this madness was to do a remix soundclash style. Two sound systems battling it out back2back over the same beat. Rus Jaymes version vs Lawrence Arnell and Chief Kamachi version. A epic battle of biblical proportion. Download it now @ Nex Millen Bandcamp

Give a listen and like I always say. If you like it, Pass it on. Word of mouth is golden.

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