New Music:: DistantStarr “Seekers” (Mixed by Nex Millen)

Peace Love and Soul,

Hello fans, friends, family and media partners. I hope 2012 has been good to ya so far. Things are just getting under way.
First I would like to thank all of you for your continuing support over the years. I know I don’t say it enough, but just want to let you know that you are appreciated.

I have a collective of timeless project coming out this year. Starting with a great springtime jump off. Distant Starr “Seekers” EP. Produced by Distant, mixed and arranged by yours truly to give it that timeless hip hop feel. Seekers is a quick journey through the mind of Distant Starr. Smooth and melodic, I really enjoyed working on and listening to this one and I hope the feeling is mutual once you give a listen.

As always your feedback, comments and criticism is vital to the success of the record. Please feel free to reply and give your input on this project. This quality control method helps to insure that we keep on our toes and keep blessing you with musical releases that are at the highest quality level we can provide.

All links are provided below along with a brief description and mini-bio. Please let me know if you have any problems.

Remember to listen in and tell a friend if you like it.


As a gift to you here is a free download:
Distant Starr “Infinite Soul” Produced By Nex Millen

Brief Description of Seekers

What are the Seekers? The idea of one DistantStarr, a tireless musician in search of new sound. “My goal is to bring back good ol’ hiphop but with a future twist” says the 29 year old father of 3. Hasn’t this been done? “Yes…but never quite this smooth”. The Seekers were a group of aircrafts which followed one StarScream or in this case “StarrSkream”. “I use the moniker for my self-produced projects”. Along with releasing music underneath the UK based electro, hiphop label FreeForm Records he plans to continue releasing these Seekers projects under his own Dizzy Arcadian Music imprint which he established in 2008.


Born February 1983 in New York, DistantStarr is a renowned emcee/producer currently residing in the Philadelphia area.

DistantStarr is fast becoming one of the most respected artists in underground Hip Hop. Between acclaimed solo projects and collaborative efforts as StarrSkream (with Parisian producer Le N?ko) and MAGR (alongside fellow emcee Al Mighty), Starr has been busy carving a niche for himself in the scene that combines classic Hip Hop aesthetics and forward thinking production.

Starr’s collaborative credits read like a who’s who of the current music scene: Blu, Mike Slott, Jay Scarlett, Nex Millen, Hudson Mohawke, Reggie B and Kissey Asplund have all connected with the man and added their own imprint to his already signature sound.

For interest Interviews, Shows and Drops, Contact::
@DistantStarr distantstarr

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