New Music:: Trek Life “Wouldn’t Change Nothing” (Produced By Oddisee)

West Coast great Trek Life just dropped his newest project “Wouldn’t Change Nothing”!! To celebrate, we are giving away the all new title track “Wouldn’t Change Nothing ” produced by Oddisee. Additionally Al Lindstrom’s Chris Moss, in conjunction with Mello Music Group, ran a debut of the track today with an in depth Q & A that highlights Trek’s amazing path in the rap game.

Q: Tell us a little about your background in the game.

Trek Life:
I’m an LA artist who was a fan of LA hiphop in the mid-90′s: I watched Dilated Peoples, Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief, all those people come up, and I studied what they were doing. From there I grew and started making my own music. The first producer I ever did a song with was Will.I.Am and from there I worked with Motiv-8 (Black Eyed Peas producer). Then I started doing records from there on working to hone my craft. At the time, I was running with Bishop Lamont and Spontaneous.
Probably my first big break was being on Showtime’s “The Next Episode” and meeting DJ Babu of Dilated Peoples. Babu then did my first official 12” called “Hard Work” and FatBeats picked it up. After that I worked with Evidence and Rhettmatic, Khalil and J Bizness, and managed to make my first full-length album “Price I Paid”. Over the next couple years I worked the record, toured with Kev Brown and met Oddisee. I was touring the States and Europe this whole time. Oddisee then remixed the whole “Price I Paid” project and we called it “New Money” – which Oddisee brought to the new brand new label he was working with, Mello Music Group and they picked it up. This was only MMG’s 2nd project, so it was a learning experience. Odd & I then decided to do an original album together called “Everything Changed Nothing”. At the same time a lot of my music was getting on television shows like MTV‘s “G’s to Gents”, “The Hills”, “Breaking Bad”, “The Eddie Griffin Show”, and ESPN used the track “So Supreme” during the NBA Finals with the Lakers. That was last summer, so now I just finished the remix project called “Wouldn’t Change Nothing”.

Q: Tell us a little about the new project “Wouldn’t Change Nothing”.

Trek Life:
“Wouldn’t Change Nothing ” is coming out on my label, Mello Music Group, Tuesday July 12th , it’s another summer record. We brought on a lot of dope producers to revisit the “Everything Changed Nothing” album. This one’s got some of my West Coasts people like J Bizness, Duke Westlake, A3, Captain, and DJ Buddy. Plus it’s got Detroit’s Apollo Brown and MarvWon, Philly’s Has-Lo, Audible Doctor who did Joel Ortiz’s Battle Cry, ST/MiC came through with some heat, SlimKat78 who did a lot of work on yU’s Before Taxes killed a joint, and of course Oddisee jumped in for two tracks. It’s a big record. Aaron Sutton from Visual Goodies did the cover art.

Q: What direction was Oddisee taking the production on this single?

Mike Tolle (Mello Music Group): Oddisee’s range and ability to produce songs that fit into a variety of genres has always been one of the reasons for his success, whether it’s producing a track with artistic sentiments and irregular rhythms, or making a classic grimy boom bap track, or even a polished commercial gem. For this one Oddisee dipped into a more commercial sound, polished and more epic in it’s tone. It is completely sample free as well, he used nothing but stock Pro-Tools sounds this time around.

Q: What’s ahead for Trek Life?

Trek Life:
First and foremost, working this record – everybody needs to be at itunes on opening day and cop “Wouldn’t Change Nothing”. On top of that, I’m working on my next record called “Hometown Foreigner” with Duke Westlake. Otherwise, just spending time with my family and making music. Shout to Al Lindstrom for hooking up the debut!

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Free Download (Mp3): Trek Life “Wouldn’t Change Nothing” (Produced by Oddisee):

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