New Podcast:: 45 Dig Vol.4 Timeless Gems with Nex Millen

We are coming to the end of the 2011 season. I hope your having as much fun as I am. Respect to all our new listeners, Subscribers and Supporters. Keep pumping those timeless sounds. This week we conclude our 45 Dig series with a special mix of English Psychedelic Funk 45 that I pick up every time I have a trip out to london. These joint are pressed in England and have 45 adapter cuts in the actual records for your english made record player. Crazy right? Let’s get down to it. Respect to the 45 spinners and my special guess Mr Scheme Richards of Hot Peas and Butta. ////Millen


tomorrow night (Crane)

surrender (N. Ashford/V. Simpson)

black sk’n blue eyed boys (Grant)

It’s To late (C. King)

bangla desh ( G. Harrison)

sultana (Titantic)

rain (J & H Feliciano)

she’s a lady (P. Anka)

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45 copy_4

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