Timeless Music:: Nex Millen “Who is Mumia Abu Jamal”

Respect The Culture, LLC, a Philadelphia-based record label and multi-media company, has released Nex Millen/Retrospective’s album, “Who is Mumia Abu Jamal?” The iTunes download features the spoken word of controversial death row inmate and political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal.

Nex Millen’s alternative, soulful beats accompany the spoken word of Jamal, recorded from death row at Huntingdon State Prison and S.C.I. Greene. The album also includes guest appearances by Assata Shakur, Allen Ginsberg & Jello Biafra.

“Millen’s latest effort features his skillful production and a message in his music – the message of death row inmate Mumia Abu Jamal,” “From the haunting keyboards of ‘To Be Like Malcolm, A Message To Mumia’ to the funky, up-tempo sound of ‘A Bright Shining Hell’ to the subtle scratching in ‘Statement of the Facts’ and ‘Legalized Crime’ to the moving strings of ‘The Depth of Our Courage,’ Millen’s beats artfully support the powerful lyrics without detracting from the purpose of the piece – to allow listeners to hear the voice of Jamal and his supporters – many for the first time.”

Mumia Abu Jamal is an award-winning journalist who exposed police violence against minority communities. Imprisoned in 1982 for the alleged murder of a Philadelphia policeman, Jamal maintains his innocence, citing the lack of evidence, racial bias in jury selection, improper tactics by the prosecution and ineffective counsel from the public defender at trial as well as new forensic and other evidence in his defense.

During his twenty plus years of incarceration, Jamal has published numerous recorded and written essays regarding his political and social beliefs via http://www.prisonradio.org. All of the proceeds from the sales of this download will be donated to The International Concerned Friends & Family of Mumia Abu Jamal.

“Who is Mumia Abu Jamal?” is available for purchase at iTunes, Rhapsody, MSN Music, Sony Connect, Verizon Wireless and other music sites online.

For a free download of “Legalized Crime” click here.

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