New Video:: Random Bastards “6X” – Free DVD and download! From Random Bastards TV

“Random Bastards proudly presents our sixth skateboard and snowboard film, out on free DVD and download December 26!

Starring, in order by appearance, Erik Karlsson, Eric Johansson, Niklas Thuresson, Alexander Österström, Anton Kristola, Simon Axelsson, Viktor Wiberg, Jamil Danielsson, Tove Holmgren, Joel Sundquist, Jonas Berglund, Emil Fossheim, Erik Holmlund, Anton Sundquist, Emil Sundquist, Joakim Rasmussen, Klas Beyer, Hans Åhlund and Fredrik Warell.

Soundtrack by Tom Encore, Trainspotters feat. Eboi and That Dude Prince, Crystal Caravan, Sukh Knight, Chords , Dundertåget and George Kaplan feat. That Dude Prince.

Produced by Eric Hörstedt. Art direction by Marc Strömberg. Photography by Jonatan Nylander.

”6X” is distributed as a free download and presented in association with Junkyard and Junk.TV , Method Magazine and Method.TV, Skullcandy, New Era , Haze Clothing, Happy People, UÅ and Goodfellas.”

Download Here::

Random Bastards “6X” – Full DVD

Random Bastards “6X” – HD 720p

Random Bastards “6X” – Xvid

Random Bastards “6X” – iPhone

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